Welcome to the Cook Book Cafe

Welcome to the Cook Book Cafe

Do you love cooking? Are you interested in new ways in which you can cater to the dietary needs of your family? If yes, welcome to the CookBookCafe where we not only serve hot coffee, but we also provide you with access to tons of cookbooks!

Who are we?

CookBookCafe runs under the watch of my husband Henry, I (Mildred) and our three kids Michael, Sheila and Henry Jr. Henry worked in a restaurant for most of his teen years, later taking up culinary arts in college. He then worked in many restaurants, before setting up his own where he worked on creating meals that were as pleasing to the eyes as they were to the palate. He is currently working on a book regarding preparation tips and techniques which he often shares with family, friends and now you, as part of our CookBookCafe community.

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I grew up in a traditional home, and my mom and aunts taught me a lot of what I know now from how to set the table to how to vary ingredients and whip up innovative meals for each occasion. I admit that I veered off this path a little in my college days, but meeting Henry brought me back to this perspective. His love for food was unmatched, and when we were in the kitchen, we made magic. I fell in love with his passion for food and as we grew together, so did my interest in new forms of cooking. I was pretty closed-minded before then, following American recipes to a fault. With Henry, I saw something good in every cuisine, and it was not long before I started working with cookbooks from other countries to see what they had to offer. And boy did I learn a lot! This café provides me with an avenue to share what I have discovered as I get to meet new people who can further open my mind to new ideas. Do join us one of these days and get to explore our vast library.

Michael is six and helps out with arranging books. He does not know much about cooking yet, but he appreciates the dessert books a great deal, more so the images. Sheila is fifteen and loves Italian dishes. It’s always about pasta when it comes to her, and she’s also open to other cuisines. She helps with arranging the books as well as sourcing for books that appeal to the younger generations, something fun enough to keep their attention on the books, and that means lots of colourful images. Henry Jr is the most involved as he is twenty-three. He works in accounting and in his free time, he works in the outdoors, grilling steaks to perfection.

That’s our lovely small family, which is all about food and fun. Our extended family also comes in sometimes to read, share ideas and help with sourcing. The bigger the library, the more the information we can all get.

The Idea behind the Restaurant

People often asked us why we would opt to have a CookBookCafe. To us, it was pretty simple. People want to learn more about cooking, and we want to entice their palates with our cooking skills. Thus, as you sip on coffee or enjoy a snack, you get to browse through the library and choose what you would like to read.

Many are the times that people find themselves at a loss of what to cook, especially for dinner and huge occasions. Let’s suppose that each time your friends come over for dinner, they know that they should expect mac and cheese. Yes, tradition is fun, and they may even look forward to the meals as they are familiar, and we all love what we can predict. However, it can get boring, not only for them but also for you as the cook. Thus, you need some ideas. Maybe it’s not about changing the meal, but it’s about changing the way you prepare and present it. A little change goes a long way. And the books that we have will help you think of creative ways to impress your family with your cooking skills. Many of the books also touch on diets which you can follow to meet specific goals. Maybe you want to train for a marathon or are looking to shed some pounds in readiness for summer. We have got you covered.

This café allows you to be alone with your thoughts as you skim through the countless books. You could also join a book club where you can meet like-minded people and share ideas on how you can improve your skills in the kitchen. It’s a free space to be who you are as you work on how good a cook you could be. Our collection includes books from renowned chefs whose tricks will amaze you, thanks to their ease. Join us as we demystify the art of cooking. Thanks to our supporter eternityrose.co.nz, we have the opportunity to help people improve their cooking skills.

Why Cooking is Important?

Why do people put such emphasis on cooking? I

Why do people put such emphasis on cooking? I can think of hundreds of reasons but will focus on those which touch on our well-being and that of the people around us.

For most of the people I have come across and me, cooking is a way to get closer to the people that we love. Often, when I am in the kitchen trying to make dinner or a snack or anything, my kids will come in to help. And to me, this is one of the most fulfilling moments in my life. I find that cooking allows loved ones to come together and as they chop the vegetables and make sauces, the conversation begins. And with people focused on getting the meal right, they do not feel exposed or judged, and it’s genuinely one of those honest moments where people laugh and appreciate each other.

Hearty meals also encourage people to sit together and talk about their day and what motivates them as well as their plans for the future. It is at the dinner table that Henry Jr announced that he would move to Accounting as opposed to the culinary arts. It is at that same table that his father proposed to me those many years ago. Eating together is a blessing which cooking provides. It’s pretty easy for people to sit in front of the TV as they tear into burgers where you often buy takeout. But with cooking, the food brings you that much closer to each other.

And let’s not forget that it is one of the easiest ways to get close to your significant other. Something as simple as preparing dinner together will strengthen your relationship. And surprising them with something you crafted is proof of the dedication you are willing to put into the relationship.

Cooking is all about relationships, which is the message we try to put across in our café. Do join us one of these days and let’s get down to the beauty of this art. We sure do look forward to seeing you. Once again, welcome!

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